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How to activate account?

Accessing the major streaming channels on your TV is no more a difficult task; the Roku like streaming players have made it possible for you. You just need to buy a Roku model (which you can choose depending on its features), connect it to your TV and set up an account to access the Roku channels on your TV. However, setting up an account on can be a problem for the new users. So, here are the steps to activate your Roku account.

Steps for activating account using signup

  • Using your device (PC, laptop or Mobile), open the web browser.
  • Enter and open which is the main link for account activation.
  • You may have received an 8-digit code on your TV(Roku TV) during the setup process. When you will open the above-mentioned link, a screen will open and you will need to enter that code here.
  • In the next step, you would need to sign into your Roku account. In the case you don’t have an account, you can create it. Here are the steps for creating Roku account:
  • Click on “Create new account”.
  • Enter the information asked and create a password.
  • Then, you would need to set up a payment method that seems favorable to you.
  • Once you have selected your payment method, you need to set the Roku transaction PIN for making purchases. (Keep in mind that creating an account on Roku does not cost you anything; the payment method is just for making further purchases like subscribing to paid channels and more.)

Once you have activated an account on, you can add new channels and access your favorite content using that account. 

The easy way to set up Roku streaming player

Before using any Roku device, you have to setup your Roku streaming device first. This is easy to setup your Roku streaming device, sometimes users face issues during setup. As we show the account activation steps, now you can also find the steps to setup your Roku streaming player.

Kindly follow the steps to setup your Roku streaming player.

  1. First, Attach your streaming player device to your home TV
  2. Use an HDMI cable to connect Roku device and your TV
  3. Further, you have to connect your streaming device to appropriate power source
  4. Moreover, you can use Roku power adapter is included with your streaming player box
  5. Furthermore, please switch on or turn on your streaming player device
  6. When you turn on your streaming device, you can see a light signal on your streaming device
  7. Afterward, you have to pair your Roku remote control with your Roku streaming device
  8. Now you need to select a language to continue the process
  9. Moreover, you can see a drop-down list to choose a language
  10. Without, internet connection you are unable to watch your content
  11. Therefore, you need to provide the internet connection either wired or wireless
  12. If you are going to choose the wired network connection, use the Ethernet cable for connection
  13. Once you provide the internet connection, your Roku player will download the latest software automatically
  14. Wait for device reboot
  15. Now wait until restart your streaming device
  16. When you see the Roku startup screen, you can find your Roku com link activation code over the Roku screen.
  17. Once you performed all above steps, you are ready to use Roku streaming player.


                        (Enjoying Streaming with Roku) account












Easy way to setup Roku Player

How to set up HBO Go on Roku?

Being here you will be well aware that HBO is a big streaming channel that provides you access to the famous TV programs. May it be the famous series, documentaries, films, sports, blockbuster movies or anything else; all is made available on HBO. However, though the list is long enough, accessing these programs when you want is not that easy. But the activate provides you every type of support for setting up different channels on Roku.

Well, the good thing is that the Roku like devices has made it possible for you to watch your favorite HBO series whenever you want. And for that, you will need to setup HBO on Roku Player. The paid subscription of HBO includes free HBO GO streaming channel. Here are the steps to setup HBO Go on Roku.



Steps to setup HBO GO on Roku





Install HBO GO on your Roku Device

  • Go to Roku home screen and select “Streaming Channels” using your Roku remote.
  • As HBO GO is a popular channel, you will get it by visiting “Most Popular” channels. Or you can search for it manually by going to search channels.
  • Click on HBO Go; select add remove roku channels option and install it on your Roku device.
  • After that, a pop-up will appear on the screen indicating the successful installation of HBO Go.
Setup HBO Go on Roku
  • Find HBO Go on the Roku channel list and select it for beginning the activation process.
  • Click on “Activate Your Device”.
  • A link will be shown on your TV screen which you need to open using your mobile device or computer. A code will also be provided by Roku, which you will use in the activation process. You can also get this link from roku com link where the entire process for activation of different channels on Roku is given.
  • Open the link and as you are going to activate it on Roku, select Roku from the activation device list.
  • Click on “Continue” and select your HBO TV provider. (If the provider name is not shown in the given list, you can click on “More Providers” and find yours).
  • Once you have selected the provider name, a login screen will open where you can activate your account for HBO Go.
  • After the HBO subscription is verified from your TV provider, you would be able to access the HBO Go using your Roku device.
  • However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to access the HBO Go if you are having HBO subscription from your TV provider. In that case, get the HBO subscription first and then set up an account for HBO Go.
  • Now, select the HBO Go channel application from the Roku’s channel list. Here you would need to enter the code provided by Roku and you will complete the activation process.

That’s all; you are ready to go now. Access whichever TV show or movie you want and enjoy. For any kind of assistance during the process, you can visit the official site of

How to activate Nat Geo channel on Roku?

So, you have purchased a Roku player and are interested in activating one of your favorite streaming platforms Nat Geo on it. If so, let’s offer you that NatGeo TV lets the Roku users access all the episodes from Nat Geo Wild and Nat Geo Channel, provided that you have subscribed to both of these. It totally depends on your subscription package that which programs you will have the access to. Let’s inform you that the Nat Geo can be activated on Roku using accountHowever, if you have activated some other channels on your Roku Player, activating Nat Geo Channel would not be difficult. 





Easy way to activate Nat Geo on Roku

  • If you are already accessing other channels on Roku, then obviously, you would have connected your Roku device to TV and the internet connection.
  • So, what you need to do next is going to Home Screen of Roku by using the remote. On the left side of the screen, a menu will be displayed. Select “Streaming Channels” from the list and look for Nat Geo. You can also search the channel directly by selecting the search option directly.
  • Select “Nat Geo” and click “Add Channel” button. Then it will be added at the end of the list of activated channels. Click on it and a code will appear on the screen. Write down the code and keep the window opened. You will need this code while activating the Nat Geo on roku com link signup.
  • Now open the Roku channel list on the Roku app or Roku website, using your phone or PC. When you will click on Nat Geo, it will ask you to enter the code. After that, you can sign into and follow further instructions to complete the activation process.
  • Once the activation is complete, you can watch any show on NatGeo.

Sometimes, it happens with the users that by the time they reach the activation process, the code gets expired. In that situation, you may contact the technical support to know the process of generating a new code or for knowing if there is an alternative way for accessing enter roku code.

Login TroublesSometimes, users face difficulty while logging into their accounts which can be due to the wrong website link, incorrect credentials or some kind of technical error. If it happens to you, contact immediately at activate to have an access to your account. We work 24/7 hours to assist you to the best.
Roku Link Code TroublesA code is displayed by Roku on your TV screen when both are attached. This code is known as Roku Link Code. There are the times when this code does not appear on the screen, or a message appears on the screen indicating that the code is invalid, or the code gets expired. As a result, your account does not get activated, then you can subscribe at enter roku com link.
roku playback troublesThe playback issues are of different types: the movies may not get streamed at all, the quality may be poor, the playback may take too much time to get loaded, the Roku player may stop from working requiring a reboot or the black screen appears. Contacting Roku support is the best solution in such a case and you can go through at
Trouble with Upgrading RokuFor proper functioning of a Roku Player, you need to update and upgrade it on regular intervals. When a Roku player is connected to the TV, it starts to update during the setup process. Sometimes, the device does not update and it causes further issues in the activation process. To get assistance with update issues, you can contact our Roku Expert for an Immediate response.
Troubles while contacting supportYou may face issues while adding channels (Hulu, Pandora, YouTube, Netflix and more) from the Roku library. Our Tech Expert is always ready to assist you with such Troubles.

Know about different roku error codes with solutions

As we all know roku streaming device is well-known for its features. But sometimes users encounter various kinds of issues while using Roku Device . As a user, it is necessary to understand about the Roku error codes and how you fix it.

Roku error codes are error messages which you will experience when your Roku player is encountering a problem while establishing . Furthermore, the roku activation code error is shown on the screen which implies the issue. Every issue is identified by a different error code. Meanwhile, such Roku error codes are displayed, it indicates that you need to solve the cause of such a problem, but being a user, you will not be capable to continue with error troubleshooting. Let’s discuss the various kinds of Roku error code and how to resolve it.

Roku Error code 001

If there is no connection to your account and Roku device, then error code 001 will display on your device screen. Also, this error is known as a login error because it occurs when there is login issue. You need to understand these steps for resolving this kind of error code.

  • First and foremost, move to the home screen.
  • Next, hold the fast forward key from home screen.
  • Then, you need to hold the rewind key, click ok for the software update.
  • Further, if you did with all updations, you need to connect your Roku device to the internet.
  • Furthermore, you can use both wired as well as wireless connection to connect your Roku Streaming Device to the internet.
  • If still error code 001 will display on your screen, then you need to reset your Roku TV.

Roku error code 014

If you face any kind of connection issue in the router while attached to the TV, then error code 014 occurs. You can tackle this error code by pursuing the below guidance.

  1. The first task you should do, associate your setup to a wired connection using Ethernet cable.
  2. Then move to the settings to close the wireless connection network.
  3. Now you are ready to attach and enjoy your streaming device.

Roku error code 009

This error code occurs when your user is unable to find the internet attachment to attach to the internet. Presently, you need to read the below procedures to solve these error codes:

  1. Firstly, turn off your Roku TV and Roku device as well.
  2. Make sure you always access the correct password while connecting to the internet.

Roku error code 003( error)

This error occurs when there is a faulty internet connection. Furthermore, you can solve this kind of error code by following the below steps:

  1. First and foremost, check your router settings
  2. Also, you need to switch the network settings mode to 802.11 b/g mode.

Besides, if the above detail is not satisfactory, then you could seek guidance from our Roku chat support who can sort your issues instantly.

How to watch FoxSportsGo on Roku using Roku com link activation code.
Roku player provides many sports channels, recently it is added the FoxSportsGo in their Roku channel store which is presented by the popular sports channels Network. For the sports lover, Roku is streaming you the best sports channel, Fox Sports Go. You can link this channel with account then activate it on your streaming device.
Although, there are several options to access FoxSportsGo channel such as Fox Sports 1, Sports 2, Spanish language coverage. Also, the users can access certain Shows from the Fox channel. Here you can watch all your favorite shows.
There are mainly two applications on FoxSportsGo
• Fox Sports 1
Get ready for tuned awesome events to your Roku device the device will activate using the Roku Media Player. You can view the live telecast from the channel FoxSportsGo com. The awesome events of FoxSportsGo such as East Conference Basketball, Major League Baseball, ARCA Racing Series, Big, ARCA Racing Series and much more.
• Fox Sports 2
In this application, users can access shows on the channel FoxSportsGo through account. Some most popular shows on this application are Surfing, Skateboarding, BMX, Motocross, Wakeboarding, and FMX etc.

For adding FoxSportsGo channel on your Roku account users must have to activate their Roku device. Below are simple steps to activate the device immediately:
1. First, make sure that the Roku Digital Video Player and the TV both are linked with an HDMI slot.
2. Then turn on your both devices Roku player and TV as well and connect the Roku device to a valid internet connection.
3. Now navigate to the Home screen with using Roku remote
4. Also, you can navigate through the Roku Remote mobile app.
5. After that, link will be displayed on your TV screen
6. Now you have to Login to your Roku account by another device.
7. In the last step, enter the valid Roku activation code to make your device activate.
Apart from it, with FoxSportsGo you can watch live sports and some great shows. You can enjoy live sports via Fox sports anytime at anywhere. If you got issues while activating the FoxSportsGo channel, then you can take guidance from support or roku technical supportyou will get the solution for your issues.

How To setup Roku Express

Roku Express Plus

  • Roku express come with 35.6 x 83.8 x 17.8mm in size with a smooth look.
  • It compatible with both traditional television sets and the latest 4K televisions as well.
  • Also, it gives highest quality outputs of around 1080p.
  • The all-new Roku Express furnishes fast High-Definition streaming at an unbelievable cost.
  • Roku Express+  uses HDMI and capable to supports Dolby Pass for audio.
  • It has WEP, WPA, and WPA2 networking protocols.

Roku Ultra Setup

Roku Ultra

  • Roku Ultra Measuring nearly 124.5 x 124.5 x 21.6 mm in size higher than the Roku Express and Express+.
  • It begins with strong quad-core processor.
  • HDR color quality.
  • In addition, have lost remote finder feature.
  • Also, it has incredible High-definition and 4K High-Definition picture quality.
  • That provides us the trait of Dolby Digital(DD) audio effect utilizing HDMI output.
  • Use headphone for private listening.  

How to setup Roku Premiere+

Roku Premiere Setup

  • It measures 124.5 x 124.5 x 21.6 mm size enough higher as compare to Express and Express+.
  • Wondrous streaming performance.
  • It Has HDR color quality.
  • It Comes with enhanced remote control.
  • It gives the option for  Micro-SD card slots for watching photos and video on your TV.
  • Also, enjoy streaming for best picture quality.
  • Easy to use.

How you can move channels on Roku streaming device

As we all know Roku is the best streaming device which streams the entertainment channels. Also, you can buy Roku to view entertainment channels.  You can stream all entertainment channels easily on your Roku device but sometimes it may difficult. For instance, you want to move channels on Roku streaming device but you do not have an idea about that. Therefore we provide Roku com link support to resolve you’re this kind of issues. Here you can see accomplish steps to move channel on Roku streaming device:

  1. The first task you should do choose the home key from your Roku remote control.
  2. Next, locate your channel list by tapping on the right button from your remote directional pad.
  3. Then click on the * key from your Roku remote and open the menu options.
  4. Now pick “Move Channel” option.
  5. After that, move the channel to its new location using directional pad.
  6. Afterward, hold OK button.
  7. Once you performed all above steps, you can move channel in the location you want.

Are you experiencing difficulty while moving the channel to your Roku streaming device? Do not think too much! Simply you can get accomplish guidelines from We are a day in and day out here to sort your issues.

How to watch Google play movies & TV on Roku

These days different streaming devices are open in the market; roku with its advanced qualities becomes the best among all. Roku allows you to experience google play films and TV shows on your roku gadget. Also, to set it up you should have PC or cell phone associated with the web. Additionally, you will be required to give installment while setup roku device, yet you would not be credited until the point that you arrange a movie picture or show.


  • Use the account to get the google play.
  • Google play info card acquire by the Roku clients.
  • Additionally, it is credible to lease or buy the recordings from the or

Set up Play Movies & TV on Roku

  1. First and foremost, move to Roku channel store and find for Google Play TV shows and movies.
  2. Next, pick Google Play Movies and TV shows app and pick Add channel option.
  3. Move to Settings.
  4. Then Sign in.
  5. After that, move to google play Roku and access the activation code that will appear on your device screen.
  6. Now tap on continue option.
  7. Verify or add payment method by following the on-screen instructions on your web browser.
  8. Set your Google PIN by following the on-screen instructions.
  9. Move back to your Roku to find and watch videos.

How to change the Google account you are using

You can be logged in to only one Google Play movies account at once on Roku. Further, if you wish to turn the account, then you have to register your device again. To turn to a separate Play Movies account follow the below steps:

  1. First, open the Google Play Movies app on Roku.
  2. Then move to Settings.
  3. Now Sign out>Sign in.
  4. From your web browser move to Google Play during logged in with the google account details.
  5. At last, follow the on-screen instructions.

Apart from this, if you have any doubt or any issues, go for www roku com link help to clarify your doubts and issues. Our expert’s team day in and day out here to sort your issues and furnish you best Roku support to comprehend Roku challenges

How to turn on Roku device without Roku remote

What to do if you Roku remote is not working or you’re remote is lost? If you want to know how to switch on the TV without using Roku remote, then you come at right place. Here we will guide you about how you can turn on your Roku device without using Roku remote. Also, the user can get help from our well qualified service team. Further, there are two types of remote depends on your Roku TVs

  • Standard IR Remote
  • Advanced “point-anywhere” Remote

Now you need to follow the beneath steps based on your remote model:

Troubleshoot Standard IR Remote Control:

  1. Standard remote utilizes the Infra-Red light so as to transfer the remote key pushes.
  2. Put the Roku device facing you not away from you.
  3. Ensure that there is no any kind of barrier blocking the signal.
  4. Now you need to check the batteries of your Roku remote.
  5. In case of batteries are empty, at that point you need to replace them with new ones.
  6. On the other hand, if the batteries are full, try reposting the batteries according to their polarities.
  7. Also, the user can place Roku mobile app on their mobile device and the user can control all the remote functions from their mobile phone itself.

Troubleshoot advanced point-anywhere remote control

  1. First and foremost, try to restart your Roku device and remote as well.
  1. Make sure your remote and Roku device connected together. If not connected, then try another method.
  2. Open the batteries compartment and exclude the batteries from the remote.
  3. After that, excluding the power supply from the Roku device, wait for a couple of minutes and then re-connect the power cable.
  4. Then hold a small key and concentrate the remote towards the Roku device.
  5. Now you need to restart both devices to performing the pairing process.
  6. Check the batteries of Roku remote.
  7. At last, operate the remote control from a good distance from the Roku devices

Remote control utilizing Roku mobile app:

  1. The user can utilize Roku app rather by utilizing remote control tools. You must follow the below instructions to enjoy this app:
  2. First, move to mobile app store according to respective mobile, for instance, Apple App store for iPhones and Google Play store for Android.
  3. Also, find and recognize the Roku app.  
  4. Now pick the download link located next to the icon of the Roku app.
  5. Further, if you encounter any kind of issue during installing the Roku app, then you can get help.

Are you still suffering from issues? Do not afraid of that. We have well qualified Roku’s expert’s team. You can always feel free to interact with our roku com link support or roku phone support team. Our specialists are always available to resolve your issues. Keep in touch with us.

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