Enter the Roku Code


Enter Roku code or Entering the Roku code is as simple as we’ll make it.

www.rokucomlinkactivate.com will let you know about the setup information, how to enter Roku code as well as activation also.

  • Getting started with your Roku streaming device setup.
  • In Roku setup box there will be one HDMI cable, composite cable, power adapter, remote control, batteries.
  • First of all, you have to connect HDMI cable to your TV. Insert one end of HDMI cable in Roku device and other in the TV port.

Enter Roku code, Enter the Roku code

(If you have an old model of TV you can insert one end of composite cable in Roku device and other into the TV.

  • After inserting above cables or connecting to the Roku device move forward to another step.

Now take batteries from inside the box, put them into a remote control. use TV remote control and set the HDMI mode using source or input button on the TV remote control.

  • Insert micro USB cable in Roku player as well as in TV too OR you can also use a power adapter.

Moving forward to the connection process:

  • Connect to the internet.
  • Press OK to continue.
  • There will be two options having wireless and wired for networks.
  • It is your own choice whether to select a wireless network or wired network whatever is available to you.
  • Click on wireless option then select your connection or if wireless is not available go for wired (Ethernet).
  • After selecting these options it would ask you to enter password for your connection
  • Keep your password safe with you.

In wired network, they will also ask you to select your locality, town or region, time zone etc

  • Click on next option after filling your information suitable to you.
  • Now you will see your code displayed on your TV screen, it will take a few seconds to appear on the screen.

This is an important part to enter the Roku code.

  • Take out your mobile phone, laptop etc.
  • Go to Roku.com/link to enter the Roku code.
  • There you will a column enter Roku code there.
  • Then submit it.

And you’re done with your process of enter  Roku code.

Basically, rokucomlinkactivate told you all the setup of Roku streaming player till the process of enter  Roku code.

If any problem occurs we’re always here to help you out…..

Have a nice day…




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