Roku support | Your Roku streaming device is stolen or lost. What to do now?

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Your Roku streaming device is stolen or lost. What to do now?

This is the big issue when you see that your Roku streaming device or your Roku TV  has been stolen or lost, but don’t worry Roku support will help you in this situation, we recommend that you have to contact your local law enforcement agency and you have to request a police report about this incident.

See, Roku does not have any type of tool which can track your Roku device but Roku support recommends you these following steps which you have to keep in mind if you face this type of problem:


Remove Roku device from your Roku account(Roku Support):

When you see that your device has been stolen or lost then quickly you have to remove your Roku device from your Roku account. Your Roku account stores all such information like which Roku device you have, which type of channels you have installed, your payment methods and as well as your preferences and your settings. So, removing the lost or stolen device unauthorized the purchases on your Roku account.


Make sure that removing your Roku device does not close your Roku account

If your stolen device is the only device you have then you may want to consider canceling your Roku billing subscriptions.


Remove the device from your channel provider accounts(Roku support):

If you are having a payment method with a channel provider like( Netflix, Fandango etc.) that allows you to rent TV shows and movies on your device. So, to prevent these unauthorized purchases you have to remove your lost or stolen device from channel provider account. If you find any difficulty in removing your device then you can contact your channel provider.


Make sure that removing your device does not close or deactivate your channel provider account.

If the device which is lost or stolen is the only Roku device then you have to cancel your channel provider subscription.

Additional steps to remember:

You must remember these following steps if your device is lost or stolen by someone.

  • You need to change your payment method on your Roku account if you have lost your credit card.
  • Request a ‘STOP’ on your credit card, if you are worried about unauthorized purchases via your Roku device.

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