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Solving problems with private listening

Do you want to solve problems with private listening? Are you curious to solve problems with private listening? If yes, then you are very welcome at Roku support. Well, in this article you will get all the information in order to sort out problems with the private listening.

First of all, let’s us discuss that what exactly the private listening is?

Private listening

The private listening is a feature which allows you to listen to your favorite music via a pair of headphones. In simple words, you can say that with the help of private listening you can easily enjoy your listening without any interference. Now, let’s know the problems that arise with the private listening and solve those problems with Roku support.

The headphone icon is not displayed in the Roku mobile app

  • If you are using the Roku mobile app and unable to find the headphone icon then you must need to install the latest version of the Roku mobile app.  

Video stops and starts when activating private listening

  • In order to play video, either you can embed the headphones or activate private listening on your Roku mobile app. Whenever you play any video, you will see that video suddenly stops and starts.
  • This is generally known as buffering. In order to overcome this problem, you should embed the headphones and activate the private listening before you start playing any TV show or video.

Troubleshooting audio problems

By following the below steps, you can easily troubleshoot the audio problems

  • Audio is not heard at all
  • Audio is out-of-sync
  • The Audio stutters and pops

If you see there is no audio

  • If you see that there is no audio then check out the volume of your remote or phone. It’s may be very low or muted

If you still face problems then follow the below steps

  • First of all, check that headphones are properly connected to your mobile phone
  • Play the music and check the headphones that whether they are working or not
  • Now, pause the video or TV you are currently watching
  • If you are using the Roku mobile app then restart the private listening by turning the private listening ON. If still, you are facing the same problem then close and restart the application
  • For Android press “recent” button and close the Roku mobile app
  • For iOS, double-click the “home button” and close the Roku mobile app
  • Restart your Roku device by removing the power cable and hook up it back
  • Try to use a pair of new headphones if possible

If you are still having glitches, it might be due to network

  • Unfortunately, if your problem is not solved yet then it is due to the network connection. As the audio and devices are using the same internet wireless connection and it is possible, other devices using the same network are affecting the quality of the network.
  • So, while using the private listening then make sure that other devices are not connected in order to download something.

If still your problem is not resolved then try this last option

  • First of all, remove the power cable from the Roku device
  • After that, restart your router by removing the power cable from the router
  • Wait for at least 10 seconds and plug it back
  • If possible, then check the instructions from the ISP and press the reset button
  • This will fairly disconnect your mobile device and Roku device from the wireless network
  • Wait for sometimes, as your router is re-establishing the internet connection
  • Finally, at last re-plug, the power cable again to your Roku device
  • That’s all about all private listening problems as well as their solutions.

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