Roku Express Plus

Roku Express Plus, Setup Roku Express+

How to setup your Roku Express plus?

Roku streaming device is used stream videos, photo, online media and other content on your TV screen via the network. In addition, Roku streaming device also displays your favorite TV shows, free and also paid channel.

In fact, Roku streaming device uses channel store to add/remove the new channel, it can be free or private. Roku provides various models with different features such as Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku Express, Roku Express plus and more.  Roku Express Plus, Setup Roku Express+

Roku Express Plus is a cost-effective and budget efficient media player, its cost less than Google Chromecast but it works using HDMI cable. It is also the type of streaming device, which is used to display your content on Television through the network connection. Roku Express+ supports up to 1080p HD resolutions using Standard IR remote control. First of all, you have to Setup and Activate your device.

Is Roku Express Plus work with My TV?

Roku Express+ can work with any TV but only using HDMI cable connection. In case you have older Television without HDMI connection, don’t worry! Roku Express+ also has composite video connector. Connect to your TV using HDMI cable or composite Video cable whose comes with Roku Express+.

Setup your Roku Express+:

It is simple to setup your Roku express+, follows these steps whose written below:

Select your language:

    • After Roku Express plus power up to select your language in which you’re comfortable.
    • Roku Express+ display selected languages in a list, Scroll up/down the list.
    • And, select your language and click on Ok button.

NOTE: it is channel publisher responsibility to translate your channel into selected language because some channel does not support selected language.

Connect to the network:

Roku Express+ provides two type of network connection either wired(ethernet) or wireless.

      • If you choose the wired(ethernet) option, select your time, region under time and zone section.
      • After that, click on next option.
      • In a case of the wireless network, select your WiFi connection only if your have more connection available on the screen.
      • Then enter your WiFi password if your wireless connection is protected with a password.
      • If you want to check your password, then click on Show password button.
      • After entering a correct password, select connect button from the bottom.
      • At last, your Roku Express plus automatically connect to the network.

        Download latest software:

      • Once your Roku Express+ is connected to the network, it will automatically start downloading latest Roku Operating System software.
      • And, again boot your device.

        Activate your Roku Express+:

      • To activate your Roku Express+, visit under your Web or smartphone.
      • Now, enter your Unique activation code e.g. VGE4TF whose display on your TV screen.
      • Last but not the least, click on Submit button.

When your device has been activated, a user needs to create a Roku account to add/remove free channels, purchase channel, games and much more from Roku channel store.  

Create Roku Express+ account:

With Roku Express+ account you can purchase channels, games and other things from Roku Channel store. There are some simple steps to create new create the account:

      • Select create account button, enter all the detail like; username, password, Email, account detail and credit card(optional).
      • Select your payment method and click on submit button.
      • Now, your account has been registering then log in with username and password to your account.
      • At last, click on login button.

All the steps are finished!

    • Once you have completed your activation process and create your account, your Roku Express plus is ready to use.




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