How to do Roku Premiere Setup

Roku Premiere Setup, Premiere Setup

Roku premiere setup instructions:

Rokucomlinkactivate is the helpline for support. There is a given instruction on for every issue or setup for Roku products. So, Roku premiere is one of the products or streaming player of Roku device. It supports 720p HD, 1080p full HD, 4k Ultra HD (UHD). Moreover, it ships with standard IR remote control. Roku premiere setup can link up-to any television with the help of HDMI compatible cable. However, a customer cannot take an advantage of 4K resolution, until and unless you have 4K compatible TV. would recommend you to have high-speed HDMI cable for your Roku premiere.

Roku Premiere Setup, Premiere Setup

Now comes the Roku Premiere Setup instructions:

Step 1: Unbox you Roku premiere for the setup. You will find Roku premiere, Remote control, Power adapter, quick start guide, and batteries. You should have HDMI cable ready for the setup.

Find the HDMI port or input behind your TV. Then, insert one end of HDMI cable into the Roku premiere and the other end into your TV input. After this take your TV remote control and look for either source or input on the remote. Then click on it and select the respective HDMI option. Do not worry; you would not see anything on the TV screen yet.

Step 2: Now the next step is for powering up your Roku premiere setup. Insert one end of the adapter into the Roku and the other end into the wall outlet. You will the see Roku logo in just a few seconds.  It will fill up your home screen. If not be sure that you have chosen the correct input or source. Then set up your remote control. Insert batteries into it. Batteries must position correctly. Then, you should have the clear line of sight between the remote control and in front of Roku. Although you have to select your language.

Step 3: Through this step, you will lead to the activation process of Roku and for Roku premiere. So, select your network connection whether wired or wireless connection. If your network connection is not shown then scan again for the network connection. Then, select your password for the secure connection. Moreover, remember that your password is case-sensitive. Select on connect and when all 3 checks are green, you are good to go. Even after then, if red x appears or cross sign appears then for troubleshooting help go to Also, you can reconnect it.

Account creation for Roku Premiere Setup:

Your Roku will be processed shortly and it will update the latest software. Through which you can have the best experience and you will get the best features. When the Roku premiere has download the latest software you will proceed to the display type. Press OK from your remote control. It will automatically select the best resolution for your TV. If it looks good to you then select the option Yes, the screen looks good. After this, confirm your resolution. Finally, the screen will show you the Roku activation code. If the code is not displayed on the TV screen you can take help from Roku Customer support. Even if there is a problem in Wi-Fi connection, take help from the Roku phone support or Roku chat support, Roku technical support.

Step 4: Moving ahead to the Roku activation link code, once your code is display on your TV screen you have to submit it at Open your laptop, mobile phones or tablets. Go to and you have to enter Roku code there. After entering the Roku code, click on submit option. If you have a Roku account then sign in and if not create your Roku account.

Completion of the Setup:

First of all, set a pin code for the safe side of your account. Then select your payment method.

Though, you will never be charged with the explicit consent. Select your favorite channels or add them later to your TV. You can add or remove Roku channels anytime. In last scroll down and click on the complete option and yes you are done.

On your TV screen, you will see your favorite channels which you have select for you will get added to your Roku player.

Finally, you are done with your streaming. Moreover, if you want any help for Roku streaming device setup or else you can go to You can go for Roku streaming stick setup and Roku Express setup.


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