How to set up your cable, satellite, or universal remote to control your Roku TV?

Roku TV, Roku setup

How to set up your cable, satellite, or universal remote to control your Roku TV?

Roku streaming device is a digital media device which allows us to stream online content and your phone content as well on your Roku TV via The INTERNET (wired or wireless) connection. Moreover, Roku device displays various type of channels such as games, movies, sports and much more. Some of the channels are paid and rest of are free for users. On the other hand, before running Roku with your Roku Television, you need to setup and activate your device using Roku Television is a smart TV including Built-in apps for the user and also allows various services such as predefined games, web browser and much more.

However, Roku TV allows a user to stream 1000+ channel containing public or private channel and also a lot of videos, photos, TV shows, movies and music from the internet or your smartphone. In addition, Roku Television provides some amazing features for the users such as Radio, music player and video player. Roku television is the great option for instant entertainment. On the other hand, The Roku remote control comes with Roku device or cable box is used to control the working of your TV.

Roku TV, Roku setup

How to operate your satellite, cable or universal remote with Roku TV:

  • First of all, locate your service provider and also search remote model.
  • If your remote model is not print on Roku remote front or rear, check inside the battery door.
  • Contact to your service provider, you still cannot locate it.
  • Take a code and fulfill all instructions whose given by your service provider to operate your satellite or cable remote.

The remote control can be of two types:

  • Basic remote: with buttons Power, Volume control, Input or select
  • Extended Remote: With buttons Home, back, arrow keys, play/pause, Forward, reverse and also the basic button as well.

To set up basic remote:

  • Open rear battery cover of your remote
  • Then, put AA batteries into it, make sure insert -ve side of batteries first.
  • The closed back door of batteries and press power button at the front side.
  • At last, your remote will automatically connect to your Roku device.

To Set Up your harmony remote:

  • Firstly, setup and Configure your Roku device.
  • Download and install apps to it.
  • After that, connect your harmony remote and Roku Tv.
  • Once they are connected, you can setup and activate which is includes your Roku.

Add Roku device to your Harmony remote:

  • Use your Harmony mobile application and connect it to the Harmony Hub.
  • Under the menu, select harmony Setup option.
  • Then, choose Add/edit devices and activities option.
  • Press on devices option and select Add device option at the end of a screen.
  • Choose entertainment device option and enter the manufacturer Roku set under Roku model number.
  • When you complete these steps, your harmony appears screen to create an activity.
  • Press yes button and go with the number of question in order to develop your watch activity.
  • Choose your favorite opening channel after selecting Devices and inputs button.
  • At the end, harmony remote ready to operate with your Roku.

Control Harmony Remote Hub:

  • Harmony remote Hub control your Roku device includes Roku TV, Roku streaming device Roku stick and more.
  • Control icon list used Roku buttons and gestures used to handle your activities by simply swipe over your smartphone.
  • Favorites show all your channel for easy switching.
  • And also, voice and text used to control your device with phone keyboard or microphone.


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