How to do Roku Streaming Stick Setup

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Telling something about Roku: Roku is a streaming device or can say it is a streaming player. There are many set top boxes but Roku is quite different from others. Roku does not have any cable operator and it only works with an Internet and which is an easy way to access. It just only has to get connected with wired or wireless network and after that activate Roku at then you are ready to have its advantages. There are many series of Roku like Roku first generation, second, Roku 2 XS, Roku streaming stick and else. Here, Rokucomlinkactivate will let you about the Roku streaming stick setup step-wise.

Roku streaming stick setup

Roku streaming stick Features:

  • Meanwhile, it has powerful quad core processor which is helpful in the clarity, responsive navigation and it does not hang
  • So, It launches channels quickly without any buffering.
  • it is portable through which you can take it wherever you are going either to friends house or you are staying in hotel.
  • Then, you just have to keep you Roku remote, its power cord and laptop, smartphone or a tablet to connect you streaming stick.
  • You can point your remote anywhere and you do not have place it infront of you TV
  • Roku streaming stick gets easily attached to wall TVs.

Roku Streaming Stick Setup:

Here comes with the setup of your Roku streaming stick

  • So, when you unbox your Roku streaming stick you will found:

               Your streaming stick, batteries, power adapter, remote control

Step 1: How to get connected to your HDMI port.

  • Find HDMI port on your TV and insert Roku streaming stick to your TV.
  • If your Roku streaming stick is not connecting in it then buy HDMI extension for it and insert stick in it.
  • Find input or source on your remote control and look for HDMI option in which you inserted a streaming stick.

Step 2: Now let’s power up your Roku streaming stick and remote.

  • firstly, insert batteries in your remote control and light will be on .
  • Insert power port on the behind of your Roku streaming stick and the other end either into the USB port on your TV or plug it directly into your wall outlet using power adapter.

roku streaming stick

  • In next step, the Roku logo will be displayed on your TV screen.
  • if it did not displayed, make sure you have selected the correct input or source from your remote control.
  • Your remote control will automatically get started pairing.
  • If it does not, press button which is near your batteries for 5 seconds and then it will starts lightning up.
  • When it is successful select your language.

Step 3: connect to the Internet

  • Choose your network connection.
  • Enter your password and get connected to it.

Finally, Now you are good to go.

Maybe, it shows red mark in following options visit to for further guidelines.

It will starts updating the new software which has latest features and will update automatically.

Next step is for the activation of Roku streaming stick setup. visit for the activation process and put Roku activation code. Roku activation code will be displayed on your TV screen.

Though, if you are stuck in any kind of problem regarding enter roku code, you can take help from Roku technical support, Roku chat support, Roku phone Support. Visit for every instruction about Roku.


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