What is Roku TV?

Roku TV, Roku Television

What is Roku TV?

Roku TV is also a type of smart TV which includes all the core features.  It consists of all such entertaining features like gaming, cable box, antenna/streaming channels like Netflix and YouTube within one simple interface. Roku Television comes with the variety of Television which includes the variety of sizes, cost, and picture resolution i.e.(from HD to full 4K-HD ultra).

Some of the additional features provided by Roku TV are:

  • Firstly when you start your Roku TV it will show you a Home screen and this Home screen will make it easy for the user to switch between streaming channels and inputs.roku tvNote: You can also label the icon so that you can represent the device you have selected for example CABLE TV, BLU-RAY player or GAME CONSOLE.
  • Then we have Roku TV remote, which is quite similar to the traditional remote that comes with a Roku player. Which include some additional buttons that are used to control your Roku TV.
  • Updating software regularly will bring new features to your TV and also new streaming channels. You can also add new channels to your Roku Television from Roku channels store.
  • You can choose from hundreds and thousands of streaming channels you would like to choose.
  • A user can also connect your USB memory stick to your Roku TV and pause the live TV up to 90 minutes.
  • You can also use your Roku mobile application for your Android operating system, and as well as for your IOS operating system.
  • So that you can use your Mobile as a remote control and even you can search for the things you like to watch, and send your TV audio to your mobile phone to listen to streaming video separately. For more information, you can visit at www roku com link support.


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